Quality food = sustainability

For Casa Prencipe sustainability means concreteness and commitment.

A real lifestyle made of passion and dedication.

We are convinced that, through the adoption of "good eating habits", everyone can and must produce a positive change in the community.

For us, sustainability means protecting the real Made in Italy. Give priority to quality agricultural work by choosing only durum wheat and Italian semolina from our area, among the best in the world.

A sustainable company is an ethical company that respects people around it as much as things, food and the environment.

The sustainable company is one that keeps active listening and openness. We believe that the pursuit of profit is indispensable, and perfectly compatible with the aims and benefits of consumers.

Inspired by these values, since 2014, the Pastificio Casa Prencipe has collaborated on the initiative of the "Legambiente", proposing an "ECO GALATEO FOR FOOD FREEDOM", a set of guidelines emphasizing that "eat well and choose consciously like eating are not private matters, but civic virtues that contribute to the well-being of the community ”.

According to the decalogue a virtuous world citizen:

1. Eat well
2. Can cook
3. Do not waste water
4. Buy less food
5. Choose ethical products
6. Don't eat too much
7. Choose seasonal products
8. Does not consume too much meat
9. Prefers the products of its own territory
10. Safeguards agricultural land and natural ecosystems

To read the complete food-citizenship etiquette, click here

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