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We know that the most important elements in determining the success of a food gastronomy are:

1. Goodness, taste and quality of the selected products
2. Value for money and a good rotation
3. Reliability and reliability of suppliers
4. Brand awareness on the shelves
5. Kindness and courtesy in interpersonal relationships

We already work with many established companies in the food sector, both in Italy and abroad.

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Why become our dealer?

- To count on a range of high quality products with 100% certified raw materials from ITALY.
- To offer an artisan bronze-drawn pasta with a good rotation on the shelf, already appreciated and known by thousands of people.
- To support you in a company that invests in co-marketing (to give visibility to retailers), online marketing, offline and brand positioning.
- To be able to count on a reliable partner who meets the taste of a demanding clientele.
- To differentiate the proposal from your competitors.
- To relate to a small company made up of people and relationships, and not just numbers.

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Why our pasta?
Our pasta is the perfect product for all those who are looking for a "gem" for their point of sale, an artisan product with traced and certified raw materials of the highest quality. For those in search of a serious and reliable supplier, but also a partner who invests in promotional and co-marketing actions.


Among the most appreciated features of Pasta Casa Prencipe:

- GREAT COOKING thanks to the use of the best durum wheat semolina, tests and experiments we are able to obtain a tenacious product in cooking and always al dente.

- GRAIN PERFUME Our production process aims to preserve the organoleptic characteristics of wheat and semolina, to preserve aromas and flavors.

- EXCELLENT TO MIX gives the first courses the right creamy consistency.

- ARTISAN, UNIQUE each product is slightly different from the other, each package is a unique piece, the small imperfection is an advantage.

- RAW MATERIALS OF THE TERRITORY We select only ingredients and semolina accurately from a short chain, certified "100% Italian wheat".


Casa Prencipe is a company made up of young and dynamic people always ready to create new collaborations. We are an ethical company that works with respect for the environment, for the quality of the products but above all for the people.

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