The Pasta Factory


We are a family-run artisan pasta factory. Our laboratories produce packaged fresh pasta and slow-drying pasta at low temperatures with 100% Italian and 100% Pugliese semolina.

A production of few quintals a day that allows us to follow every processing step perfectly. A meticulous artisan process with partial help of modern means, a careful study of the dough, tests and experiments, allow us to create an exclusive and highly appreciated pasta, respecting the great tradition of Italian pasta making.


Thanks to supply chain agreements with local farmers, we use only certified and tracked semolina from 100% ITALY (Tavoliere delle Puglie, Monti Dauni and Gargano). The origin of the semolina is fundamental: we work only and exclusively with Grano Duro Italiano and Pugliese, considered among the best in the world.
In addition to the best durum wheat semolina for our pasta, we make more "refined" doughs like the one with Senatore Cappelli wheat, Arso wheat, with Germano di Grano (100% Puglia provenance).
The special pasta lines are limited, numbered runs, which we reserve for a few "chosen", to our best consumers before they are produced, such as pasta with Tritordeum semolina, that of Hemp, and Ruber pasta.

The pasta manufacturing process is a complex and delicate art that requires experience, testing and analysis. We start with a careful study of the semolina and then of the glutinous mixture of the dough, obtained by simply mixing water and semolina. The dough is extruded by means of bronze dies and cut by hand or with the aid of machinery. So the pasta comes to life.

THE SLOW DRYING: as it is placed on wooden frames and inserted into static drying cells where it remains for the time necessary for its drying. We prefer a slow drying process for our pasta, usually from 24 to 36 hours. This traditional process, carried out strictly at low temperatures (between 38 ° and 40 °), allows us to keep intact the nutritional and organoleptic characteristics of the grain, gives a better tenacity in cooking, gives aromas and better taste to the Casa Prencipe pasta.

SWEET PASTEURIZATION: our fresh pasta is packaged in a Modified Atmosphere, subjected to a pasteurization that we like to call "sweet", allowing the product to be kept in the fridge for about 60 days. Other more aggressive sterilization processes would allow us to extend the expiry time of the product, but on the other hand it would give us a flatter product in flavors and aromas.

At the end of the production cycle, Casa Prencipe pasta undergoes careful quality control.

VISUAL TEST: the pasta is observed to evaluate its color and shape both before and after cooking.
OLFACTORY TEST: both before and after the gustatory test, we verify the aromas and aromatic nuances of our pasta.
TASTE: we perform a cooking test to evaluate the tightness, flavor and consistency of each finished product.

Weighing and packaging of each package of fresh pasta and dried pasta is done meticulously by hand. Each piece is unique, slightly different from one another.
Imperfection becomes an asset.

_ 100% MADE IN ITALY All our production phases are 100% made in Italy. From the origin of each single grain of wheat to the cartons, from the packaging bags to the labels, every single component of our pasta comes from the Italian territory.

We are in Puglia, more precisely in the Gargano National Park, in Monte Sant'Angelo (850 meters above sea level), between the Umbra Forest (UNESCO Heritage) and the Gulf of Manfredonia, a stone's throw from the Basilica of San Michele Arcangelo , crossroads of pilgrims from all over the world, also a UNESCO World Heritage site.

All the phases of this process are inextricably linked to each other, each fundamental to make a high quality pasta.

Every person in our pasta factory is essential for processing to be done in the best way, with care, respect and love for pasta. In this way we try to convey all the poetry and love in making it to those who enjoy Casa Prencipe pasta.

Like home-made pasta, like Casa Prencipe.

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