Who we are

Ours is the story of a family from Southern of Italy like many others.

A family that has believed in a dream, and that becomes a company: a pasta factory with a special vocation for its Puglia and for quality raw materials.

This story began with the opening of a restaurant in Monte Sant’Angelo in the province of Foggia. But life sometimes reserves strange, beautiful surprises. So in 2013, we evolved into a real production company. This is how our Pastificio "Casa Prencipe" was born.

We have always wondered: why should you choose our pasta?

1. Our pasta is produced using traditional methods - with the partial help of modern technologies - for us the manual component is fundamental, imperfection is an advantage ... just like it used to be;

2. For our pasta only raw materials carefully selected from a short, certified and traceable supply chain of 100% Italian origin;

3. All the production phases of Casa Prencipe pasta are meticulously cared for to preserve their organoleptic properties and uncompromising quality;

4. Choosing our pasta means supporting a company that respects things, and above all people. We at Casa Prencipe support the concept of "ethical company", enhancing the territory in which we live and the environment, favoring ingredients with "zero kilometer".

Our pasta tells a real passion that brings us every day on the wheat fields to know the true authors of the masterpiece: the farmers, who take care of our raw materials. We believe it is fundamental to take care of production in all its processes, and even more to remember that: "what we eat comes from the earth".

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