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Our Mission

cheap food is an illusion. Does not exist. The real cost of food is eventually paid for somewhere. And if we don’t pay it at the checkout, the environment and our health pay for it

Michael Pollan


Quality food = sustainability

For Casa Prencipe sustainability means concreteness and commitment.

A real lifestyle made of passion and dedication.

We are convinced that, through the adoption of “good eating habits”, everyone can and should produce positive change in the community.

For us, sustainability means protecting the real made in Italy. Give priority to quality agricultural work by choosing only Italian durum wheat and semolina from our territory, among the best in the world.

The sustainable company is an ethical company, which respects both the people around it, as well as things, food and the environment.

A sustainable company is one that keeps active listening and openness. We believe that the pursuit of profit is indispensable, and perfectly compatible with the purposes and benefits of consumers.

Inspired by these values, since 2014 the Pastificio Casa Prencipe has collaborated in the initiative of the Circolo Legambiente FestambienteSud of Monte Sant’Angelo, proposing an “ECO GALATEO FOR FOOD FREEDOM”, a decalogue underlining that “eat well and choose knowingly how to eat are not private matters, but civic virtues that contribute to the well-being of the community ”.

According to the Decalogue, a virtuous citizen:

1. Eat well
2. He knows how to cook
3. It does not waste water
4. Buy less food
5. Choose ethical products
6. Don’t eat too much
7. He chooses seasonal products
8. It does not consume too much meat
9. He prefers the products of his own territory
10. Safeguard agricultural land and natural ecosystems

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