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Our laboratory is located in the Gargano mountains,
surrounded by the nature of the National Park

The Semolina

Only the best Italian and Apulian wheat, certified and traced

The Tests

Our pasta is always subjected to quality controls


At low temperatures to preserve aromas and flavors


Traditional processing according to ancient Italian pasta recipes

100% Italy

All the components used come from the Italian territory


Bronze drawn to give greater consistency and roughness

A few quintals per day

We are the Gargano Artisan Pasta Factory. In our workshops we produce Fresh Pasta and Slow Drying Pasta with raw materials from a short supply chain.

The production of a few quintals a day allows us to perfectly follow each stage of processing. A meticulous artisan process and a careful study of the doughs allow us to create an exclusive and highly appreciated pasta, respecting the great Italian tradition.

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